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ZAngband is a variant of Angband which started in 1994.


ZAngband is one of the most succesful of the countless variants of Angband. Instead of being based on J.R.R. Tolkien's books, ZAngband revolves around the world of "Amber" created by Roger Zelazny (hence the name, which is supposed to mean "Zelazny Angband").

Versions and platforms

Originally created by Topi Ylinen, ZAngband's development has seen a lot of additions to the original Angband game (a wilderness part, a different combat system, lots of monsters, etc.). The game seems to still be maintained nowadays.

ZAngband is open source and has been succesfully compiled on a wide range of systems (Unix, Linux, DOS, Windows, Amiga, to name a few). Latest version is v. 2.7.4c, dating from August 1st, 2004.


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