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Developer TheSheep
Theme Zombie
Influences zombie movies, *bands
Released 12.03.2005
Updated 12.03.2005
Licensing free as in beer
P. Language Python
Platforms Python-compatible
Interface ASCII
Game Length short
Official site of Z-Day

Z-Day is an entry in The 7DRL Contest, written by TheSheep.

It is a simple zombie-themed game.

    _sz_ Z-Day    ,,,   ,,,    ,,, Braaaiins!
    (oO)         (Xx)  (Xx)   (Xx)    ,,,     ###^ ###^
   ./  \........."][".."]["..."]["...(Xx).....o^o..o^o....
     o ,,,o .zzZZ  This was a quiet and peaceful morning.
     {(--)}        I woke up late. Today is my shopping
   ..{    }......  day. I must replenish my supplies.
      ,,, ?        I knew it wasn't my day when I couldn't
     (..)  _Oo__   find my super-cool goggles I don't
   ../  \..] - [.  leave home without.
   __  J~ _sz_     Finally I found my goggles, wore my
    [__ J (oO)     hat with extra-large brim and was
      [.../  \...  ready to go to the local shop.
     _sz_          I was pushing my shopping cart, browsing
     (oO)^###      through the shelves, when suddenly...
   ../  \.o^o....
                   Everything went dark. There was a huge,
      oO           ground-shaking noise, and all the alarms
                   went off.
     _sz_          When the light returned, you could see
     (oO)  o.o     the whole shop was in a total mess...
   ../  \..###v..
    ...  Braains!  But the worst thing is that all the
    (xX)   ,,,     customers and employees were looking a
   ."]["..(Xx)^=.  little strange...
      ,,, Brains?  Greenish skin, empty look in their eyes,
     (Xx)          slow moves and that hunger for flesh...
   .."][".....v..  No doubt. They turned into zombies!
    _sz_ Wack! .'  No choice! Somebody must clean this
    (oO)__. (*  :  mess and take care of all the zombies.
   ./  <...."][".  Lucky I took my umbrella with me.
    by Radomir 'The Sheep' Dopieralski    @--@_  Bee!
    http://sheep.prv.pl/projects/zday/    (^^) }
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