You Only Live Once

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You Only Live Once is a Seven Day Roguelike, or 7DRL. It was entered in the March 5th, 2005, The 7DRL Contest.

It is a very minimalistic roguelike. It concentrates on telling a simple story and engaging the user in simple tactical combat. It does not have, for example, any form of character advancement!

Unique/rare features

  • Tactical combat. All attacks hit, all attacks to maximum damage. Randomness in combat is thus suppressed - positioning oneself with respect to enemies is essential
  • Heavy on plot. A story is told. It is not just kill things for no reason.
  • Quick to complete. You can likely win the game in your first play through. Fully exploring the game likely takes only an hour or three.
  • Your character never advances in power. Or even regains hit points. Instead, during the game you can take over and play different characters.

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