Xenomorph 7drl of Infinite Underworld

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Xenomorph 7drl of Infinite Underworld
Developer Anohin Denis
Theme Fantasy
Influences Demon Tactic, Gruesome
Status finished
Released 2018-03-11
Updated v.1.0.09 on 2018-03-29
Licensing Freeware, Closed Source
P. Language LUA
Platforms Android, Windows
Interface Tile-based
Game Length 0.5-1 hours
Official site of Xenomorph 7drl of Infinite Underworld



As a monster Xenomorph you will rush at the enemy army. Lure them, eat them, make cocoons from them for increasing your horde size. There are few different enemy types with different attacks: fighters, archers, elf snipers, mages, grand mages and Fidel.


  • Play as leader of monster's horde.
  • Turn-based with fast turns.
  • There are some animations, some of them looks good.


Developed on the 7drl 2018 contest by Denis Anohin. It was made in time and then updated to current state with added story and cutscenes. Some tiles were borrowed from Battle For Wesnoth game. Engine was used: Corona SDK.


As mobile version available at Google Play «Xenomorph 7drl» Downloadable windows version at Itch.io page «Xenomorph 7drl» For subscribing to developer's email list go here


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