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Stable game
Developer Robert Pietkivitch, Roguelike Restoration Project, others
Influences Super-Rogue, Advanced Rogue 7.7
Released 1989-92, 2000, 1997-05 (v8.0, Unreleased, v8.0.3)
Updated December 11, 2005 (v8.0.3)
Licensing Similar to "New BSD"
P. Language English
Platforms Windows, DOS, Linux
Interface ASCII text
Game Length
Official site of XRogue

XRogue is a legacy roguelike game. It was developed by Robert Pietkivitch between 1989 and 1992 for the AT&T UNIX PC. Based on Advanced Rogue 7.7, it is currently maintained by the Roguelike Restoration Project.

Pietkivitch had worked on enhancements for the game in 2000. This updated source code was lost in history due to Pietkivitch's death in 2002.


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