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|influences = XirrelaiRPG, ToME
|influences = XirrelaiRPG, ToME
|released = 0.1.0 (22/9/2011)
|released = 0.1.0 (22/9/2011)
|updated = 0.12.0 (7/2/2011)
|updated = 0.13.0 (29/2/2011)
|licensing = Freeware, Closed Source
|licensing = Freeware, Closed Source
|language = [[Game Maker language]]
|language = [[Game Maker language]]

Latest revision as of 03:46, 29 February 2012

World of Tey
Alpha Project
Developer Pteriforever
Theme Original Fantasy
Influences XirrelaiRPG, ToME
Released 0.1.0 (22/9/2011)
Updated 0.13.0 (29/2/2011)
Licensing Freeware, Closed Source
P. Language Game Maker language
Platforms Windows
Interface graphical
Game Length 1-2 minutes so far
Official site of World of Tey

Pteriforever's latest project. Although it had been talked about a lot beforehand and some extremely early demos were produced, nothing playable eventuated until the project's restart in September 2011.

[edit] Dungeons

The entire game takes place within a single small level called Testland. When it is complete, however, it will have a network of ToME-style dungeons.

[edit] Features

[edit] Current

--Enchantment level and corrosion level each affect items differently. Enchantment raises or lowers the maximum damage a weapon can do, whereas corrosion simply takes from or adds to the end result.

--Standard 52-slot inventory.

--18x18 non-persistent levels.

--The success rates and power of actions are based on stats alone -- I want to avoid unwieldy skill systems.

--Elemental resistances.

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