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Beta Project
Developer Warwick Allison
Theme Fantasy
Influences Rogue, NetHack
Released March 15, 2012
Updated April 18, 2012
Licensing Commercial
P. Language C#, JavaScript
Platforms Windows, Mac OS X
Interface 3D in a Web Browser
Game Length many hours, many attempts
Official site of WazHack


WazHack is a retelling of NetHack in the form of a 3D realistic side-view ("platformer").

It keeps to the Berlin Interpretation except it is:

  • not grid based;
  • not ASCII, but 3D realistic.
  • supports multiplayer (not by resorting to realtime)

It is turned-based, but the turns are in fractions of a second. When the player moves or acts, the world moves forward; when the player stops to contemplate his inventory, time stands still.




Multiplayer is achieved by players playing in their own instance of the dungeon, but being aware of the other's locations and able to trade items when near each other. Dungeon layout and base creature encounters are the same for all players (and items too, in competition mode).

The Guild

The first 600-800 feet can be played freely (95% of games don't get that far), but then Waz comes to beat you up over a $2 Guild membership fee.

Members of the Guild can play the whole game, and also get to vote on development direction.