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Beta Project
Developer Warwick Allison
Theme Traditional
Influences Rogue, NetHack
Released March 15, 2012
Updated March 24, 2012
Licensing Commercial
P. Language C#, JavaScript
Platforms Windows, Mac OS X
Interface 3D in a Web Browser
Game Length many hours, many attempts
Official site of WazHack


WazHack is a retelling of NetHack in the form of a 3D realistic side-view ("platformer").

It keeps to the Berlin Interpretation except it is:

  • not grid based;
  • not ASCII, but 3D realistic.

It is turned-based, but the turns are in fractions of a second. When the player moves or acts, the world moves forward; when the player stops to contemplate his inventory, time stands still.



The Guild

The first 800 or so feet can be played freely (95% of games don't get that far), but then Waz comes to beat you up over a $2 Guild membership fee.

Members of the Guild can play the whole game, and also get to vote on development direction.

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