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Developer Michal Walczak
Theme dark fantasy
Influences Dragon Age, mindless slaughter
Released 17.03 2012
P. Language python with libtcod
Platforms Windows, Mac?, Linux.
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length up to 30 min I think
(magikmw's blog) Official site of Warden


Warden was created during a successful attempt at 7DRL Challenge 2012.

You are a Grey Warden at the end of your days. As countless others before you, you step into the Deep Roads to take on your last quest - to destroy as many darkspawn as you can before collapsing to blows or the corruption that is running in your veins. Based on the fluff from Dragon Age: Origins by BioWare.

The Objectives

  • Gain as many points as possible by killing monsters and descending
  • Seek out blade shards to gain access to the lower levels of the dungeon
  • Kill the Archdemon on level 10
  • Beat the highscore!

Main mechanics

  • Walk into things to attack (original idea! honest!)
  • Your stamina drains quickly in combat and while waiting
  • Only killing monsters can replenish it with your rage
  • Find health potions to regain some lost strength
  • Only cardinal directions are valid for movement

More info on the developement here.