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A couple questions for you about ArchiveRL

First off, are you aware that ZIP & RAR files uploaded to the Internet Archive can be browsed as directories, unlike other archive formats? You just have to add a forward slash (/) at the end of an address, as seen here:

Maybe you already knew this, but I think it would a nice way to make the project more accessible if people could do this to grab specific files without torrenting. The only downside I'm aware of is that the listing can be broken/incomplete if there's a tremendous amount of files in a single archive. Perhaps they could be split up by name into nine archives - 0AB, CDE, etc through XYZ.

Second question: is there one single place that you'd prefer discussion of and contributions to the project to be centered? Roguetemple or Reddit or somewhere? I might take some time to help with various things, but I want to know I'm keeping up with the latest developments and requests.

Roguelikewhatever (talk) 20:38, 12 March 2018 (CET)

Hi, thanks for the feedback.

To be honest, I don't know how to properly "reply" here. Is there any other way than editing this message?

About the ability to browse: I had no idea, somebody pointed it out on reddit though after the release. It's a great feature and if I knew earlier I'd probably repack everything, though I really like 7z. I will probably do it for the next release, for now just will leave it as is since I'm taking a little holiday from ARL (bit burned out & busy with other stuff).

There's an alternative way to browse files though: using a torrent link (different from There is one I made, posted on reddit and it seeds from my seedbox. I'm pretty sure it's possible to browse it and download singular files. You can try:

Admittedly, I should've posted this link on the page earlier but like I said I was bit lazy recently - but also must admit that I'd prefer people to download the whole thing, since the main goal of this project is preservation and this way propagation and survival probability increases. But, of course it's bit cheeky and unfair too :) - so I've just added that torrent link to the main page here and on

As for discussion, I don't really mind a place, here's fine, reddit too (I made a sub) - though I never was that great fan of reddit and probably prefer rogueabsin. It does not really matter ultimately, there's not that much feedback going on - people like to download stuff, but actually help by doing something,not so much -so you won't be missing anything (and if it was in some point, we can always consolidate in one place)

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