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Santiago Zapata
Alias Slash
Projects Guardian Angel
Games CastlevaniaRL, DrashRL, MetroidRL, ZeldaRL
Nationality Colombian
P. Languages Java, Qbasic
Official site of Santiago Zapata


Slash the Java Coder (Human)
(Level 21 Roguelike Developer)

Play time: About 5 years (since year 2002)

He survives. He is actively developing. He is hungry.
He develops MetroidRL 0.8
He upkeeps CastlevaniaRL, DrashRL and ZeldaRL
He is building up his willpower to work on his game Guardian Angel
He mantained the roguelike reviews website Slash's Roguelike Reviews
He was involved in the failed development of GREEKIE and OfficeRL
He is one of the RogueBasin staff members
He is the current mantainer of the ODP Roguelike Category.
He created and maintains The Roguelike World Map
He created and maintains Temple of the Roguelike

He started his roguelike development journey with Amber Dragon: The Roguelike
He went on to develop Guardian Angel
He showcased the Guardian Angel framework at a local university fair on October 2004
He created the initial RogueBasin on January 2005.
 He revived the RogueBasin along with DarkGod after its initial fall.
He started the GREEKIE game.
He got into the first 7DRL Contest with his game, CastlevaniaRL:Prelude and survived!
He failed the QB Roguelike Compo along with Milesss with OfficeRL.
He entered the second 7DRL Contest with ANT, the OP.
 In the last moment, he went for Mt. Drash: the Roguelike instead, surviving the challenge!
He opened Slash's Roguelike Reviews, a website to promote the newborn roguelikes
He created The Roguelike World Map
He became the DMOZ Roguelike Category Editor
He showed out CastlevaniaRL at a local university fair on September 2006
He entered the third 7DRL contest, Orange October Minigun 2006 with MetroidRL
 After many heroic trials he survived the challenge with the game
He braved the dangers of the fourth 7DRL contest with a non-disclosed project
 Against all the tricks of the RNG he survived the challenge with ZeldaRL
He created Temple of The Roguelike

He is not a very proficient roguelike player.
 He fries cyberdeamons to the death using overcharged plasma rifles and rockets
 He steals valuable artifacts without being noticed
 He is commonly transformed into an ugly, corrupted, purple monster
 He is a master Arena Pilot
 He still seeks to retrieve The Amulet of Yendor

He can be found at


Medal_7DRL_2006s.jpg - Medal_OOMG_2006s.jpg - Medal_7DRL_2007s.jpg

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