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|alias = Slash
|alias = Slash
|nationality = Colombian
|nationality = Colombian
|projects = [[Guardian Angel]], [[GREEKIE]], [[OfficeRL]]
|projects = [[Guardian Angel]], [[Project GREEKIE]], [[OfficeRL]]
|games = [[CastlevaniaRL]]
|games = [[CastlevaniaRL]]
|languages = Qbasic, Java, VB
|languages = Qbasic, Java, VB

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Santiago Zapata
Alias Slash
Projects Guardian Angel, Project GREEKIE, OfficeRL
Games CastlevaniaRL
Nationality Colombian
P. Languages Qbasic, Java, VB
Official site of Santiago Zapata



Slash the Developer (Human)
(Level 19 Java Koder)

Play time: About 2.5 years       

He survives. He is actively developing. He is full.

He started the RogueBasin on January 2005.
He revived the RogueBasin along with DarkGod after its initial fall.
He started the GREEKIE game.
He participated on the 7DRL Contest with his game, CastlevaniaRL.
He is participating on the QB Roguelike Compo along with Milesss with the project OfficeRL
He dreams on finishing his game Guardian Angel.
He took CastlevaniaRL to an stable phase as of September 2005.

He is not a very profficient roguelike player

He can be seen found at
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