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|languages = [[JavaScript]]
|languages = [[JavaScript]]
|site =
|site =
|games = [[js-like]], [[roguezombies]], [[RailRL]], [[star-wars Star Wars Miniature]]
|games = [[js-like]], [[roguezombies]], [[star-wars|Star Wars Miniature]], [[The Royal Wedding]], [[The Conception]], [[Goldfish]], [[Café Havoc]], [[Sleeping Beauty]]
|projects = [[js-like]], [[roguezombies]], [[star-wars Star Wars Miniature]], [ rot.js]
|projects = [[rot.js]]

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Ondřej Žára
Alias ondras
Projects rot.js
Games js-like, roguezombies, Star Wars Miniature, The Royal Wedding, The Conception, Goldfish, Café Havoc, Sleeping Beauty
Nationality Czech
P. Languages JavaScript
Official site of Ondřej Žára
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