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Alias Lumez
Projects N/A
Games Unannounced roguelike
Nationality American
P. Languages C, C#, Java, and Lua
Official site of Colm

Hi! I'm Lumez. I'm from the southeast United States, and I'm a fan of roguelikes and stuff.

Outside of roguelikes, I enjoy playing action games, puzzle games, and pretty much every other genre. I haven't played too many roguelikes yet, though I've played Nethack, ADOM, and CataclysmDDA. I've also played a few small indie ones, such as the browser-based Hauberk. Outside of roguelikes, my favorite games are ones such as Project Zomboid and Left 4 Dead 2. Can you tell I enjoy zombie games?

I moderate the roguelikes Discord! I'm Lumez#0663 over on Discord. You can also find me on Reddit - I'm u/colm44 over there.

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