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{{developerinfo| name = Bryan Strait
{{developerinfo| name = elig
|alias = [[User:Elig|Elig]]
|alias = [[User:Elig|Elig]]
|projects = [[TinyCurses]]
|projects = [[TinyCurses]]

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Alias Elig
Projects TinyCurses
Games Underhall, dhack, Backwards Gravity, Grendel's Mother
Nationality USA
P. Languages C/C++, GLSL
Official site of elig


elig is a college student and avid programmer from Rocklin, California. He is majoring in English and hopes to teach English at the college level once he graduates. His favorite development environment is emacs, and he programs almost exclusively in C and C++. He is an avid roguelike player and his favorite roguelikes are Nethack, ZAngband and Crawl. Though once an avid gamer, he doesn't play anything except roguelikes and Sauerbraten these days. He spends a lot of time either: doing homework, worrying about homework, putting off homework or playing Sauerbraten when he should be doing homework.

So far, his favorite authors are (in no order, and probably forgetting a few): Mark Twain, William Blake, TS Eliot, Ernest Hemingway, Arthur Lovejoy, Hunter S. Thompson, Kurt Vonnegut, Agatha Christie, Jack Kerouac, Ralph Ellison, James Baldwin, Thomas Pynchon, George Orwell, Samuel Coleridge, Thomas De Quincey, Robert Frost, Robert Browning, etc.


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