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Ed Kolis
Alias Ekolis
Projects Dungeons of Zennom
Games too many failed ones to count!
Nationality American
P. Languages C#
[[1] Official site of Ed Kolis]

Ed Kolis is a wannabe roguelike developer from Ohio who also has an interest in developing 4X turn-based strategy games. Unfortunately, none of his projects have ever come to fruition. His latest abandoned attempt at a roguelike is SharpRogueLib, though if you've ever heard of Dungeons of Relentless Killing, MetaRogue, or Rogue Battalion, those were him too! Ed tends to alternate between C# and Java, but is currently in a C# phase ever since starting a programming job requiring C# in October 2007.

Ed's favorite roguelikes to play include development versions of Angband and variants thereof, Crawl (Stone Soup edition), and basically anything that's in active development, since he seems to have a short attention span and gets bored easily playing (or developing) the same game constantly...

Actually, Ed's recently taken on a new project called Dungeons of Zennom, which uses the new libtcod-net library and a lot of fancy-pants .NET 3.5 features. Go check it out!

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