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Here is a list of articles from the old that I am trying to salvage:

Cannot Find:

  * User Interface in Roguelikes - Jim Babcock [].txt Found a russian translation:
  * Roguelike Step by Step Guide.txt
  * Mostly Turn-based Multiplayer Timing - Isaac Kuo [].txt Found a russian translation:
  * Recursive randomized world-map generation Phillip C. Culliton [].txt
  * 3D Representation for Roguelike Worlds - Jimmy Babcock [].txt
  * Random Dungeon Algo in QBasic - Andrew Collins [].txt
  * Nest of Ants - Jakub Debski [].txt
  * Passable Cave Building Algorithm - Josh Tippets [].txt


  * Add a link to blah.tar.gz
  * add a link to for Random Name Generation Using Regular Expressions

Found Articles:

  * User:Duerig/Archive0
  * User:Duerig/Archive1
  * User:Duerig/Archive2
  * User:Duerig/Archive3
  * User:Duerig/Archive4
  * User:Duerig/Archive5
  * User:Duerig/Archive6
  * User:Duerig/Archive7
  * User:Duerig/Archive8
  * User:Duerig/Archive9
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