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Darren Grey
Alias none
Projects none
Games Gruesome, Toby the Trapper, UNSTOPPABLE, Broken Bottle, Run from the Shadow, Harrowed, sick peter
Nationality Irish
P. Languages FreePascal, Lua
Official site of Darren Grey

Darren Grey is a relatively unskilled developer coding in Free Pascal and lately using Lua and the T-Engine. He recently graduated in Physics from the University of Manchester in England, and now works several jobs whilst trying to find time to play roguelikes. He is very active in the ADOM and ToME4 communities, and is a regular on Roguelike Radio, a podcast dedicated to roguelikes. He also contributes somewhat to ToME4 (mostly lore pieces - around 30k words so far). He (sometimes) maintains a blog entitled "Adventures of a Newbie Roguelike Dev". His games:

Gruesome - you play a grue, hunting adventurers in dark places, trying to avoid the light of their torches.

Toby the Trapper - written for the 7DRL 2010 challenge, the game involves playing as a weak gnome that can only hurt enemies by laying traps. Defeat the 6 bosses to win.

UNSTOPPABLE - written for the October 2010 4DRL challenge, you play as an invincible robot firing unstoppable shots at enemies on a looping map - the only danger is your own looping shots.

Broken Bottle - written for the 7DRL 2011 challenge, the game is about an alcoholic in a post-apocalyptic world. Main features of the game include its bleak story and addiction mechanics.

Run from the Shadow - written in 2 days for ARRP 2011, the game involves running away from a powerful foe in a guilt-themed world.

Harrowed - a 1HRL written for the Ludum Dare Zero Hour Game Jam. It's a minimalistic game of one vs many enemies, getting harder as you go deeper.

sick peter - written in 5 hours at the London Molyjam2012. You play a terminally ill four year old Jewish boy who is looking for his lost mother in Nazi-occupied Holland.


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