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Alias Nathaniel Inman
Projects Studio
Games Plains of Sedia, Pack-man, Exploring The Bleak, Kepler-10b
Nationality American
P. Languages C++,C#,VB.NET
Official site of 5v3nd0ttg


[edit] About

American graphic designer, free-lance programmer, and writer.

[edit] Current Projects

Plains of Sedia - 3D First-person/3rd-person RPG in development using Unreal Engine 3.

Plains of Sedia : Origins - MUDlike / Roguelike RPG.

Plains of Sedia : Clay - Development engine for Plains of Sedia 3d & Origins databases.

Evolution of Roguelikes - Book covering the ins-and-outs of Roguelikes and their development.

[edit] Completed Roguelikes


Exploring The Bleak


[edit] Medals

Medal_7DRL_2010_s.png Medal_7DRL_2011_s.png Trophy_ARRP_2010_200.png

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