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Triangle Wizard
Stable game
Developer Wouter van den Wollenberg (
Theme D&D
Influences NetHack, Diablo
Released 27 Oct, 2008 (R 1.01)
Updated May 21, 2012 (R 14.01)
Licensing Freeware, Closed Source
P. Language GML
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII
Game Length 113 levels
Official site of Triangle Wizard

Triangle Wizard is a real-time roguelikelike (a game that is not quite a roguelike). Creatures are still displayed by ASCII characters, but the spatial system is not grid-based, which is the case with nearly all other roguelikes. Aside from the primitive character display, the game has modern effects.

Triangle Wizard is a combination of hack-'n'-slash games like Diablo and NetHack, developed by Wouter van den Wollenberg. The goal of the game is defeating the Nameless One, an evil being who awaits you in his sanctuary deep below the Castle of Everdoom.

It still has a few roguelike features: the large selection of classes and races, the large amount of creatures, random dungeon generation, permadeath, etc. Like the major roguelikes, the player is almost completely at the mercy of the RNG.

Almost all information about creatures, traps, random level scripts and unique monsters is read from .ini files which can be easily modified to add new creatures or change existing ones.

Triangle Wizard has been updated a lot since the initial release over two years ago. It now also features a random item system, a random quest system, socketed items, and many new classes and spells. A recent update also added a deity system and the ability to use tiles.



The game includes an ingame 'wikipedia' help system which users can edit or look things up in.

Triangle Wizard Day

If one chooses to play the game on the 27th of October the player character receives special bonuses, like a bonus talent, a unique item called the Triangle Wizard Hat and resistances. Monsters will also randomly wear Triangle Wizard hats and the player can reach a special level where a the monsters celebrate the anniversary of the game itself granting the player an additional free talent. Only on this day it is possible to obtain the legendary Triangular Ring unique item.



The above (big) one is more recent than the other two. (Notice for example the difference in GUI).




Two trailers of the game can be found on YouTube:

  • [1] (outdated)
  • [2] (hopelessly outdated)

Latest Major Update (R 13.02)

  • Pressing ESC now also offers an extended menu from which all other menu's and settings can be accessed without remembering the keycodes.
  • Fixed a few typos.
  • Quest related creatures are now immune to Charm and Anarchy.
  • Azathoth will no longer instantly permakill anyone who offends it. Instead 60% of max hitpoints are lost until amends are made.
  • Added an option to require shft/alt for mouseovers to be visible.
  • Gnomish extra spell now levels when leveling up.
  • Modified the graphics of Liquid Form.
  • Quest escorts enjoy a moment of absolute immunity along with the player at the start of a new level for half the normal duration.
  • Casting Wizard's Flare a second time in quick succession makes the flares explode in more brighter secondary particles which can no longer be controlled and stick to walls.
  • Added a new quest: The Rituals.
  • Less spell effects should penetrate to the next dungeon level.
  • Galio should no longer drop his head twice.
  • Magic sigils can now also contain the Dweomer Thief spell.
  • Pyth now decreases the duration of status effects and diseases on the player by 75% instead of 50% on all allies.
  • Melee immunity is now only granted after the third attack made on someone in a short moment. This makes groups somewhat more dangerous. Creatures can no longer make infinite amount of melee attacks in some period of time, they now get a small cooldown after each attack. They can still perform knockbacks though.
  • Trolls now regenerate incantations 55% slower instead of only 35%.
  • The Berserker unique ability, Enchanted Weapons, now grants a quicker melee attack speed and quicker melee immunity.
  • Floating damage numbers now have a different font if the damage was directed against yourself or allies.
  • Creatures can no longer stack on top of each other.
  • Knocking creatures into each other will knock those creatures also back.
  • Increased the chances of Euphoria granting a wish.
  • Radically changed the Priest's unique ability, Divinity Everlasting. It now grants a unique boon depending on your deity. A priest without any deity suffers major penalties.
  • Entering a level where there is a gem to be found while you have a zero chance at finding magical items will no longer crash the game.
  • Losing or gaining resistances via deities will no longer affect resistance powerup drop rates.
  • Shop levels can no longer have darkness.
  • Added internal support for item mods influencing non-resistable damage types.
  • Added several new item suffixes.
  • Corpses of a disciples will no longer be disciples if raised from death.
  • Clockwork units have a new font.
  • Increased the rate at which the Color Blast ability granted by Taric increases in spell level.
  • Updated the handling of the poisoned status effect; it should no longer permanently change melee damage output.
  • Added a few new creatures.
  • Worshipping the RNG now also affects gambling.
  • Added a new deity: Niwrad, the Evolving One.
  • Champion enemies can now be generated with many new unique abilities.
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