Triangle Wizard

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Triangle Wizard
Stable game
Developer Wouter van den Wollenberg (
Theme D&D
Influences NetHack, Diablo
Released 27 Oct, 2008 (R 1.01)
Updated May 01, 2011 (R 10.02)
Licensing Freeware, Closed Source
P. Language GML
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII
Game Length 107 levels
Official site of Triangle Wizard

Triangle Wizard is a combination of hack 'n slash games like Diablo and NetHack developed by Wouter van den Wollenberg. The goal of the game is defeating the Nameless One, an evil being who awaits you in his sanctuary deep below the Castle of Everdoom.

Triangle Wizard differs quite a bit from most roguelikes in that the game is in real time and the action is fastpaced. Creatures are still displayed by ASCII characters, but these characters can move around, jump, and cast spells all in real time. Spells and magical effects do have modern style effects.

It still has a few roguelike features; the large selection of classes and races, the large amount of creatures and most notably the almost complete randomness of the levels. Another thing the game inherited from roguelikes is the difficulty; unlike most modern hack 'n slash games this game will once more put you at the mercy of the RNG. It also features permadeath and the player is treated like a monster in terms of game rules.

Almost all information about creatures, traps, random level scripts and unique monsters is read from .ini files which can be easily modified to add new creatures or change existing ones.

Triangle Wizard has been updated a lot since the initial release over a year ago. It now also features a random item system, a random quest system, socketed items and many new classes and spells.



The above (big) one is more recent than the other two. (Notice for example the difference in GUI).




Two trailers of the game can be found on YouTube:

  • [1] (most recent one)
  • [2] (pretty outdated)

Latest Major Update (R 10.01)

  • Monsters that carried an item and dropped it on death will no longer drop the same item again when they are resurrected and subsequently killed again.
  • Added support for GML code to be run on unique creature death.
  • Added rats.
  • Added quest givers and a much more advanced quest system. Quests can now be edited.
  • Humans now only gain half their free talents at the start of the game, the rest is gained when traveling down the dungeon.
  • Added the journal screen, access is via shift (or alt) + pgdn.
  • You can now talk to quest givers using T.
  • Increased damage taken from the burning status effect on targets above level 5.
  • Neutral creatures will no longer follow you down stairs.
  • Modified the appearance of Black Breath.
  • Cloud of Ashes clouds will no longer persists through levels.
  • Floating text when buying in a shop is now correctly positioned above the player instead of above the upper left corner of the level.
  • Changed the Antipolar Gravity talent into the Voladre Ascendere talent.
  • Molds no longer drop gold.
  • Items with a quality level below one only sell for 1 gold now.
  • Damage numbers now also randomly float sideways, allowing the damage numbers for spells that deal multiple types of damage to be disentangled.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some spells to continue to affect the next dungeon level after leaving the current one.
  • Summoned creatures that have been charmed out of your service will no longer respond to commands.
  • Resistances are now capped at certain values and you need specific item mods or spells to raise them. These values depend on your race.
  • Added the Sanctified Shrine.
  • Armors now increase physical resistance cap.
  • Chinese dragon tattoo no longer grants see-invisible.
  • Rune's Companion now correctly grants +60% cold resistance.
  • Many unique items no increase maximum resistance caps.
  • Added many new item suffixes and prefixes.
  • Added a few new talents.
  • Several on cast and on hit things are now correctly saved to your corpse.
  • Smite Evil talent now correctly works.
  • You can toggle an ingame clock (displaying system time) by pressing ALT/SHIFT + L.
  • Added several unique items.
  • Minimap is now only revealed by exploring.
  • F1 help menu now also has a quick controls list.
  • Updated the tutorial.
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