The Roguebasin Logo contest

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Submit your logos for the roguebasin! It is time to get rid of that sunflower! ;)

09/06/2005, by Slash roguebasin.jpg

27/06/2005, by Slash (I didnt know multiple submittions were allowed ;) ) roguebasin2.jpg

10/06/2005, by Poulpy

roguebasin.png (Simple and clean)

13/06/2005, by Kornel Kisielewicz

Version 1: at2.jpg

Version 2: at6.jpg

9/05/2005, by TheSheep (submitted on his behalf by Slash)

Version 1 basin_sheep.jpg

25/06/2005, by TheSheep (submitted by myself)

Version 2 sheep.png

Maybe a little sheep-like :)

Version 3 blueprint.png

23/05/2005, by Dwarfose (submitted on his behalf by Kostatus)

Version 1: atsign2.jpg

Version 2: atsign.jpg

Version 3: atsign4.jpg

Version 4: atsign3.jpg

25/06/2005, by Kaleth


25/06/2005, by Milesss

Logo 1: logo1.png

Logo 2: logo2a.png (for black background)

26/06/2005, by .:Ethaniel:.

Logo 1: roguebasinflame.jpg (a somewhat angry logo made by hand)

Logo 2: roguebasin10.jpg

Logo 3: roguebasin8.jpg

Logo 4: roguebasin4.jpg

Logo 5: roguebasin1.jpg

Damn! I just realised that my logos are too big for logos... anyway...