The 7DRL Contest (Initial Manifest)

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What is a Seven Day Roguelike?

A Seven Day Roguelike is a roguelike created in seven days. This means the author stopped writing code one hundred and sixty eight hours after they started writing code.

A Seven Day Roguelike (7DRL) can be written at any time. However, a general agreement was reached that it would be fun to schedule a specific week for a challenge. This allows the various authors to know that others are also desperately tracking down a bad pointer reference on the 167th hour.

The week has been chosen!

After an unscientific straw poll, the following scientific-looking graph was generated:

Feb 19 - Feb 27: #######

Feb 26 - Mar 6: ########

Mar 5 - Mar 13: ##########

A discursive analysis of this shows that the use of the # sign makes for an aesthetically pleasing method for representing bar graphs.

The week for the Seven Day Roguelike Challenge has been chosen!

Within the week of March 5th to March 13th, you are hereby challenged to write a roguelike in 168 hours!

To participate, follow these simple steps: 1) On or after March 5th in your time zone, post to that you have started work on your Seven Day Roguelike. 2) Write a roguelike. 3) After 168 hours, if you have completed a playable roguelike, post your success to! If not, post your lack of results to, where we will all commiserate and agree that given a few scant more hours, it could have been great.

Good Luck!

I will try to post a reminder message the wednesday before the challenge.


Jeff Lait (POWDER:

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