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Every year, sometime in late February or early March, the denizens of rgrd decide to hold a 7DRL challenge. The exact week of the challenge is determined by an arcane and secret method which is shrouded in mystery.

The challenge is to write a Seven Day Roguelike (7DRL). While you are free to write a 7DRL whenever you feel like it, doing it during an official challenge lets you share the pain of tracking down a hard-to-find bug at the last second before the deadline.

The challenge has been held twice so far, and the results are available here:


February 25th, 2006

On February 25th, 2006, the dwellers of were again challenged to write a new, complete, playable, roguelike in the scary span of just 168 hours. One full year had passed since the first time the brave ones challenged the myth. Thus it was that the second Seven Day Roguelike Challenge was announced.

Still, twenty brave souls dared to challenge the impossible. Of those, thirteen have provided proof of their heroic deed. All of them, however, should be honoured for having taken on this challenge.



  • Zircher: Invader (Failed)
  • Michal Ancient Bielinski: Commander (Failed)
  • Icey: Paprika (Failed 7drl)
  • HArold: Deserted... (Failed)
  • tongHoAnh: The Walk (Failed)
  • Krice: ZeldaRL (Abandoned)
  • Martin Read: Halls of Danenth (Failed)


  • Parthon: TBA! (Didnt Report)


Challengers:      21
Winners:          13
Failed:            7
Runaways:          1


Medal_7DRL_2006s.jpg The 7DRL 2006 Contest Medal was designed by Paula Agudelo and distributten by Slash

March 5th, 2005

On March 5th, 2005, a great challenge was issued. The denizens of were challenged to write a new, complete, roguelike in a mere 168 hours. Since so few roguelikes are ever "complete", some would claim this to be an impossible undertaking.

Nonetheless, fifteen brave souls dared enter the challenge. Of those, ten have provided us with URLs to their works. All of them, however, should be honoured for having taken on this challenge.

2005 was thus the year of the first Seven Day Roguelike Challenge




  • David Gentle: (didn't Report)


Challengers:      17
Winners:           9
Failed:            5
Runaways:          1
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