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|developer = [[Risto Saarelma]]
|developer = [[Risto Saarelma]]
|theme = Survival horror
|theme = Survival horror
|influences = Resident Evil (?)
|influences = Resident Evil, Parasite Eve
|released = Sep 11, 2010
|released = Sep 11, 2010
|updated = Sep 19, 2010
|updated = Sep 19, 2010

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Alpha Project
Developer Risto Saarelma
Theme Survival horror
Influences Resident Evil, Parasite Eve
Released Sep 11, 2010
Updated Sep 19, 2010
Licensing BSD
P. Language Go
Platforms Linux
Interface Tiles
Game Length ~20 minutes
Official site of Teratogen

Teratogen is a simple roguelike for testing the Go programming language's suitability for game development. Currently only works on Linux.

Note from author:

As of 2010-11, the project is on permanent hiatus. Google dropped the exp/iterable module from Go, which the Teratogen code uses extensively for its internal logic. Code will need either a rewrite or copying the old exp/iterable code into the internal source tree to be compilable with a current version .of Go. The current Go language, still without generics, is a bit too hostile to abstraction in algorithm code for me to bother. I might get back to it when they get a generics implementation out.


In Teratogen the goal is to descend alive and slay the elder spawn. There are two kinds of dangers. First is monsters killing you. Second is you killing too many monsters which will deplete your humanity and turn you into chaos spawn.

Game consists of fighting or shooting zombies, collecting ammunition, armor suits, medikits and using healing globes. Notable thing is shots are animated.

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