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{{gameinfo| name = 
|developer = 
|theme = 
|influences = 
|status = 
|released = 
|updated = 
|licensing = 
|language = 
|platforms = 
|interface = 
|length =
|site = 

Not all of the fields need to be filled in, but all of them should be included. Those that are not filled in will display as blanks on the infobox.



{{gameinfo| name = NetHack
|developer = [[The NetHack Dev Team]]
|theme = fantasy, some modern
|influences = [[Hack]]
|status = [[Stable]] 
|released = 1987
|updated = 3.4.3, on Month 1st, 2003
|licensing = [[Open source]]
|language = C
|platforms = Amiga, Atari, Linux, Mac, Msdos, OS/2, Windows, Windows CE
|interface = [[Graphical tiles]], [[ASCII]], [[Keyboard]], [[Mouse]] (limited)
|length = average: ?, to-beat: weeks or years
|site = http://www.nethack.org/

...will add this box:

Developer The NetHack Dev Team
Theme fantasy, some modern
Influences Hack
Status Stable
Released 1987
Updated 3.4.3, on Month 1st, 2003
Licensing Open source
P. Language C
Platforms Amiga, Atari, Linux, Mac, Msdos, OS/2, Windows, Windows CE
Interface Graphical tiles, ASCII, Keyboard, Mouse (limited)
Game Length average: ?, to-beat: weeks or years
Official site of NetHack

Please note

The template uses the "language" parameter to autogenerate "games written in __" categories. Do not wrap that parameter in [ [ brackets ] ], or things will get broken.

Removed pending discussion


Genre Issue

The "genre" field isn't displayed - at least on my system (WinXP, FireFox 1.5) --Copx 22:54, 29 Sep 2005 (CEST)

I see that the 'genre' and 'feature' rows are commented in the template; is there any reason for this??? --Slash 23:02, 29 Sep 2005 (CEST)

They are hiding, and the instructions here are now outdated. They're easier to restore (if need be) if they're commented out. John Shedletsky and R brought up some points for and against them, so I'll be removing features and changing genre to theme. I'll also add influences and length. [[User:M|[[User:M|

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