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I need a bit of help progressing beyond "OVERLAND" in "DAHK LEGACY" Pathos: Nethack Codex. Instead of the 'confines of the dungeon' it starts in a world map called "OVERLAND". I am having trouble and need any information to progress further or give me a sense of closure.

I've collected all tools, wands and have every useful talent and spell I'm a level 12 healer and I'm bored because I'm either dumb or I've overdone it. I'm too damn OP it's not fun anymore, I don't even get to kill anything because my 'charmed' familiars do it for me and I'm too afraid to engage them in combat because I'm pretty sure they'll kick my *** I can't figure out how to progress after finding the obsidian floor and having ALL keys.

I've carelessly grown unhealthily attached to this adevnture particularily, I'm hesitant to start a new one out of laziness and the ensuing depression of rolling stats I've dug up every conceivable square in overland by casting "dig" I can't seem to figure out wtf to do now. I've wasted every free minute trying to figure it out it's been about 3 weeks.

Free me from this merciless obsession.. does anyone know what I can do next or is this the end for my level 12 healer?

Note: I'd like to avoid starting over and continue adventuring DAHK LEGACY. I'm losing my sanity trying to figure out if it's a puzzle or if I am somehow missing something. I can and will only hope the next updates SHOULD offer a duality between NETHACK/DAHK for custom characters or continues to expand the world map of OVERLAND in "DAHK LEGACY" because I'm addicted to the point of no return.

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