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"Is anybody familiar enough with Perl and Curses on Windows to help me out?"

Not really, is TinyCurses similar enough to be of any use?
Also maybe you could write up a short Perl page and a Curses review from your experiences? PaulBlay
TinyCurses doesn't have Perl bindings obviously, but I am looking into it for a long-term switch, since it does have that neat layering system. I'll write a review when I get time; I'd like to solve the problem, preferably. Da-Breegster

If you're hosting off your own machine and want a hand with downloads, I can offer two alternatives: I'll happily provide (for free) somewhere for you to host your downloads, or alternatively you can use CoralCDN as a free content delivery network - leave me a message for the former, or for the latter, you just need to add to the domain part of the URL (e.g. Your Linux download becomes - The :1024 just needs to become .1024 instead). This should ease some of the pressure on your personal line. Please note, I'm not affiliated to CoralCDN! Also, a tgz in a gz is overkill as the tgz is already gzipped. Scautura 11:08, 25 June 2009 (CEST)

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