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There are now some Angband variants that are programmed in C++, not C. Perhaps it's appropriate to add the 'language' line to the templates? (Although nearly all are still C, I suppose) PaulBlay

Suggested alternative colouring system for table.

  • Red = Defunct or Alpha
  • Yellow = Beta
  • Green = Stable

What do you think? PaulBlay

I would put alpha in yellow, with beta. Or it could be orange. Either way, they should be separate from defunct games. Nathan Stoddard 03:52, 31 March 2009 (CEST)
Some of those defunct games aren't as defunct as you might think, but that's another issue. OK I agree on separating them. Maybe ...
  • Red = Defunct
  • Alpha = Orange
  • Yellow = Beta
  • Green = Stable


(I'll have to see how icky it looks ;-) PaulBlay

Conclusion - it looks very icky. :-( I think a different method is in order. PaulBlay

Defunct games

For the purpose of this exercise I am counting as defunct games those that have had ceased development while in an unplayable state. Beta games are supposed to be mostly playable so I am not counting them as 'defunct' unless it is not possible to download / run them. PaulBlay

  • I'm not sure Alex Angband is really defunct.
  • Anime Angband is 'stable', but 0.6.0a looks more like a beta version number to me.


JDTAY: I'm thinking of making an Angband variant, but I wanna become a master of vanilla Angband first. I realize that with Angband's unlimited resources, all you have to do to win is be really patient, but I'm not really patient. Any tips?


JDTAY: Hmm... This isn't the most active page out there. I'll start a talkie talkie project page and see if that generates buzz.

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