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Apsis Online vs First Paradise

Although there are plans to combine these two into one, they have separate gamejolt pages. The current RogueBasin page is a bit of a mess for several reasons. 1. The link points to Apsis Online. 2. Apsis Online only has a Linux download (I don't have Linux on my computer at the moment, so I can't really check it out properly). 3. The First Paradise Gamejolt page is for 'sequence 1' - I'm not sure if the later sequences actually exist as separate downloadables or not. 4. The First Paradise Gamejolt page was last updated in 2016.

I would suggest moving the current First Paradise Roguebasin page to Apsis Online then creating a new First Paradise page with information and links that actually pertain to that game / part of the game. PaulBlay (talk)