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Near future TO DO List (current version 0.6603) =

- no tourMonde() when @ is blocked by a wall

- DONE: fix the restart/animThread bug (add &&!an.getLeJeu().monde.perso.getMort() in TerrainPanel AnimThread while/if)

- 1/2 DONE: "The switch between levels is odd: it takes a long time"

pack the save datas in one serializable class instead of a bunch of several very bloody nasty files. Morgoth kicks me. Damn my descendants for seven generations.
1/2 guilt: saving method, the other 1/2 guilt: lack of random generation optimization.
I have worked on the first half, the saving feature. It's a bit faster now. I have tried an "everything in one file" method but while it may seems charming it's actually awful for performances (the more maps visited the more heavy the file to manipulate) so i have kept a 1 map/1 file method. I guess a .txt or xml storing method would be faster but i WANT to store objects.

- "If there's only one thing to activate or talk to, don't show a choice dialog."

- "The minimap seems to give away the positions of things you can't see."

In fact no. The minimap show known position of things. For instance creatures are shown by red dots. The minimap shows the last known position of this creature. If the creature moves while @ don't see it, the minimap will refresh this position only when @ has it in his FOV. It seems to be confusing, it may be a good idea to display only "in FOV" creatures red dots.
Try making some pets in a dark room, and then hitting space. Unless I'm mistaken, you can see their dots unreliably move around. Dark red may be a good color for last-known-positions. [[User:M|–MT]]
Well, i'll check that. Dark red dots: good idea :) -Crypt

- start adding more complex outdoors generations (=>towns, etc)

- enlarge following creature checked area (when switching between levels)

- delete dead creatures from toGuard arrays (not for Animals)

- add a coward boolean. (sheep=>true) Always setFlee(true) when foe detected.

- several new spells and potions to add in order to take advantage of some recent features : friendship, ventriloquism, catwalk, etc.

- add a taming action ? (using the chat command)

- add some kind of a "I surrender" action (using the chat command) ?

- items prizes must be fixed and balanced.

- next level Xps must be balanced.

- try to find a good reason to add an "official" path-finding algorithm (maybe for creatures supposed to know the terrain well) instead of my home made not so good one. (Yes, but home made. Everything, except the Bresenham line calculation method, is home made in CryptRL. I'm not patient enough to read other's algos. There is a lot more fun in crafting my own flawed ones.)

- buy a lantern, kill morgoth

Far Future TO DO list:

- a lot.



Hi Crypt. Would you like people to submit bugs here or is e-mail prefered?

Cheers, Icey 14:12, 29 Sep 2006 (CEST)

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