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Near future TO DO or already DONE List =

- no tourMonde() when @ is blocked by a wall

- Re-DONE: fix the restart/animThread bug (add &&!an.getLeJeu().monde.perso.getMort() in TerrainPanel AnimThread while/if)

- 1/2 DONE: "The switch between levels is odd: it takes a long time"

pack the save datas in one serializable class instead of a bunch of several very bloody nasty files. Morgoth kicks me. Damn my descendants for seven generations.
1/2 guilt: saving method, the other 1/2 guilt: lack of random generation optimization.
I have worked on the first half, the saving feature. It's a bit faster now. I have tried an "everything in one file" method but while it may seems charming it's actually awful for performances (the more maps visited the more heavy the file to manipulate) so i have kept a 1 map/1 file method. I guess a .txt or xml storing method would be faster but i WANT to store objects.

- "If there's only one thing to activate or talk to, don't show a choice dialog."

DONE for the chat command.
Some others commands may be improved (eg. Activate)

- "The minimap seems to give away the positions of things you can't see."

In fact no. The minimap show known position of things. For instance creatures are shown by red dots. The minimap shows the last known position of this creature. If the creature moves while @ don't see it, the minimap will refresh this position only when @ has it in his FOV. It seems to be confusing, it may be a good idea to display only "in FOV" creatures red dots.
Try making some pets in a dark room, and then hitting space. Unless I'm mistaken, you can see their dots unreliably move around. Dark red may be a good color for last-known-positions. [[User:M|–MT]]
Well, i'll check that. Dark red dots: good idea :) -Crypt

- start adding more complex outdoors generations (=>towns, etc)

- DONE enlarge following creature checked area (when switching between levels)

- delete dead creatures from toGuard arrays (not for Animals)

- add a coward boolean. (sheep=>true) Always setFlee(true) when foe detected. And i guess sheeps should not eat

- several new spells and potions to add in order to take advantage of some recent features : friendship, ventriloquism, catwalk, etc.

- add a taming action ? (using the chat command)

- add some kind of a "I surrender" action (using the chat command) ?

- DONE next level Xps must be balanced.

- DONE Add a graveyard. Corpses of permadead characters can be unearthed...

- DONE Holes in the ground ==> Hole in the ceiling for the corresponding inferior map. You may use a fly spell to go up throw a hole. Holes in the ceiling are displayed using a violet circle.

- DONE Stairs must correspond. A Down stair must lead to an up stair (and vice versa), EVEN when generating random levels.

- DONE enhance random dungeons generation and add random underground rivers.

- DONE friendly creatures can be commanded to attack or to go to a specified point. (as far as the spell of friendship is not yet implemented, this feature can only be used on a summoned dog.)

- DONE auto read when walking "on" signs and tombs

- DONE a drop items when a creature is dead bug to correct.

- DONE to fix: in random dungeons: grounds tiles something cover other objects (mainly walls or doors)

- DONE to add: when walking on a trap without trigering it => display a message

- DONE to add: when seeing a creature opening a door => display a message

- DONE to fix : when unearthing permadeads => the tomb should be emptied (in current version an infinite number of skeletons can be unearthed) (use ecrit.setNomCadavre(null))

- to add: spells of friendship, guardian, lethe, aura of fear(livings only) and vade retro(undeads only).

- to add: lethe potion

- to fix: trade prices

- to fix: firebolt tends to be too powerfull too quickly (=> and too huge damages when hiting unaware creatures)

- to add: boots, amulets, helmets, gauntlets, shields, rings.

- Maybe done....(hard to reproduce) to fix: the "On ground" panel sometimes flickers.

- DONE to fix: load character which has not leave the first map => 2 characters in map 0,0,0

- DONE to fix: because of the restart/animThread bug fix , the animation of a bolt which kills @ is not fully displayed.

- DONE Santient and fine manipulators creatures who has nothing else to do may pick up not immediatly usefull items.

- DONE but some probably remains some optimizations

- DONE to add: display effects durations (right panel)

- 1/2 DONE to modify: the effects icons display method. (in order to add a greater number of effects.)

- to add: teleport fumble, and spell casting fumble in general (grevious fumbles could lead to demons invocations, etc...)

- to add: autotarget

- 1/2 DONE to improve: Strategical Scale Editor coasts painting.

- buy a lantern, kill morgoth

Far Future TO DO list:

- a lot.


  • Would be good if settings were remembered across sessions.
    • Noted.
  • Maximising the window doesn't make the controls expand to the available space.
    • Noted
      • Cool. It would be great if the controls resized to match the window. Then the window could be made smaller so something else could be displayed next to it or bigger to make full use of the screen. Doing this would also make the game playable on 800*600.
  • New lines are added when the log textbox is made bigger.
    • yes, it's a known little trouble i didn't fix yet.
  • DONE If rain is turned off it seems to display at the outside of the map. For example, going inside for the first time and then all the way to the left will show rain to the left edge of the view.
    • i guess you mean that (?) = [1]
      • Aye
  • DONE Is it not possible to release a shovel that's broken? I couldn't figure out how to do that.
    • Oups...bug.
  • The game seems to pause when moving between areas? That seems a bit unneccessary.
    • In fact this is a temporary way to prevent the program to memorize the movements keys stroke when the character leave the current level if the player keep pressing these (=> without that, @ would move just after entering the new level.) Yes, i will improve that, it's was just a temporary solution which used the "Press Space" listener i added for others aspects of the game.
  • On the first map, at the top left of the crypt, the alchemy table appears to go under the wall.
    • Noted
  • Would it be possible to store the sound files in MP3 format instead of WAV? They make the download really massive and take up lots of space.
    • I'd like to. But i haven't found yet a good way to use MP3 in Java.

Icey 20:21, 10 Oct 2006 (CEST)

    • Thanks ;)
    • Crypt-

As i made several major modifications in v0.6652, new minor bugs appears =>

  • DONE Creatures sometimes moves out of play area
  • DONE Creatures FOV is blocked by transparent obstacles (windows, fences, etc. It should not)
  • 1/2 DONE @'s tile appears over trees and columns. He should not. I will modify the render method in order to split the display of each type of object without losing performance.
  • DONE Some bugs reported by Icey. (the shovel and the rain bug)
  • - Crypt -

In v0.6674 i've also done :

- creatures and @ can fly and throw things over fences

- i've remade the terrain display method.

- A bit more epitaph informations (birth date - death date)

- Fix the "number of KeyListeners after death" problem.

- i've start to code what i call a Strategical scale map editor (as opposed to the local tactical map editor which create predefined maps, the SSME will be used to force the type of local random generation.) Next step will be to code the related outdoor random generators...

- DONEto fix : in ASCII mode, blood on ground is no more displayed (red dots)

Version 0.6700

Several new features and modifications, mainly about the Strategical Map Editor. This editor is used to force local random outdoors generations. It uses 2 types : Natural & Cultural.

Natural types are:

  • Unknown (=> random)
  • Plain
  • Forest
  • Mountain
  • Desert
  • Coast
  • Sea
  • Swamp

(Automatic coasts orientation is still to be improved in the editor.)

Each creature now have a naturalType field which is used to determine if the random generator can use it in the local map. (eg. Swamp monsters can be found in swamps but not in mountains, etc.)

Cultural Types are:

  • Wilderness (no cultural influence)
  • Village
  • City
  • Ruin
  • Fields

Both types are combined.

Note: the cultural classes are not yet implemented. They will also use several building classes (still to be done):

  • Cabin
  • Farm
  • Rich house
  • Poor house
  • Store
  • Inn
  • Tavern
  • Guard Post
  • Palace
  • Stable (==> horses)
  • Cemetary
  • Special dungeon entrances (sewers, surface caves, etc)
  • Harbour building (==> ships)

The strategical map can now be displayed ingame (key 'm'.) Obviously it only shows visited local maps.

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