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Alpha Project
Developer AlexPomeranz
Theme Underground dungeon crawl
Influences Crawl, Nethack
Released November 6, 2006
Updated December 30, 2006 (v0.99)
Licensing GPL v2
P. Language C++, SDL
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, keyboard input
Game Length Short
Official site of Subterrane



Subterrane is an underground dungeon crawl largely following in the footsteps of Crawl. The player begins the game trapped in a dungeon, with the ultimate goal of escaping. Along the way, the player will explore the dungeon, encounter monsters, and find treasure to help in that endeavor.


Development on the project began on August 16th, 2006, and the first alpha version (v0.64) was released to the public on November 6, 2006. The authors intention is to ultimately produce a game that is deeper than Crawl, yet can be played within a similar timeframe. This project is under active development.


If you have any bug reports, feature requests, or just want to talk about the game, the best place to do so is at




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