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|interface = [[ASCII]], [[Keyboard]]
|interface = [[ASCII]], [[Keyboard]]
|length = Open Ended
|length = Open Ended
|site =

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Steam Sky
Stable game
Developer Thindil
Theme Steampunk
Influences Dwarf Fortress, Elite, CataclysmDDA
Released Jul 24, 2016 (0.1)
Updated May 14, 2017 (1.0.2)
Licensing Open Source
P. Language Ada
Platforms Linux
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length Open Ended
Official site of Steam Sky

Your role in game is to command flying ship and its crew, traveling between floating bases, fighting with enemies, trade in goods, etc. This game is more strategy based than tactical (you mostly gives commands to crew and observe results). Here are no end goal for game, you can play as long as your character not die. Game is under heavy development, but generally is playable.


  • Buy cheaply, sell expensive: find best trade routes between sky bases.
  • Do randomly generated missions to gain moneys and reputation in sky bases.
  • Manage your ship crew: give them orders, hire new or dismiss old members.
  • Manage your ship: upgrade installed modules, install new, repair damaged.
  • Craft items: from tools through repair materials to food.
  • Fight with enemy ships in tactical combat.
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