Solar Rogue

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Solar Rogue
Developer Ombarus
Theme Sci-Fi
Influences Nethack, Approaching Infinity, DCSS
Status Early Access
Released July 2020
Updated v0.5.0, November 2020
Licensing Commercial
P. Language Godot Engine
Platforms Windows, Linux, Android, iOS
Interface Graphical tiles, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length 1-2h
Official site of Solar Rogue

A traditional Turn-Based Roguelike where you shoot planets and ships to gather energy and loot to survive and capture the Converter of Yendor.


  • 18 different craftable ships
  • hundreds of weapons and items to customize your ship and build powerful synergies
  • Many different planets and space anomalies
  • 12 main levels and 3 optional branches
  • 3 races each with unique characteristics and story

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