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Test Header

This is my first edit to the website. I'm testing out the sandbox features, and getting used to the Wikitext markup stuff. In addition to this, I hope I can contribute over time to the Roguebasin community and stuff. I do have plans for my own Roguelike Game, but it is currently in the planning and pre-production stage.

Aspects of My Mysterious Planned Roguelike

This is where I'm going to put some of the features of my mysterious planned roguelike. Treat this as a wish list, of sorts. :)

  1. A really funky 'Tileless' set up for dungeon generation.
  2. Extremely Large Maps
  3. Joystick Control Scheme
  4. A really funky 'Itemless' inventory system for loot acquisition.

Is that All?

For now... yes. I've still got a lot to do, but more functionality is to be added in the future. Au Revoir! <- This is the only time I will EVER use french. :)

Header num. 2

Just look at differences between this wiki and wikipedia syntax.