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Developer Arowx
Theme SciFi, BulletTime
Influences Descent,
Released 15th March 2015
Updated 15th March 2015
Licensing GPL, Open source
P. Language C#, Unity
Platforms Windows Unity Webplayer
Interface Graphical, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length Unknown
[ Official site of SalvageRL]


In SalvageRL you play the part of a treasure hunter/slavager. It is made in the Unity game engine.

You are based out of the Fortress of Sorrow a space station in the heart of the Dead Zone, a region of the galaxy surrounded by black holes and dedicated as the Milky Ways battlefield for warring civilisations with class 1 weapons and above.

So it is littered with derelict spaceships, dreadnaughts and other deadly machines of war. As a salvager you pilot a small spaceship that can be teleported to a zone. Once in the zone you can forage for crates the universal container for potential salvage.

But you must beware as the derelicts often have still active defence system, drones, aliens and hazards that will kill you.

This game is 3D and played from a First Person Perspective, includes physics and uses roguelike bullet time.

Windows and Unity Web Player versions are available here :

The central mechanic of the game is bullet time, in roguelike fashion the games timeline moves when you do. But the key thing is that even when you are not moving the game is moving very just slowly, hence the bullet time.

This game was made for the 7DRL_Challenge_2015.


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