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Library project
Developer Thraka
Released Sep 01 2011 (1.0)
Updated Feb 10 2014 (1.3.109)
Status Stable
Licensing Custom
P. Language C Sharp
Platforms Windows, Linux through Mono
Dependencies MonoGame or XNA
Official site of SadConsole


SadConsole is an MonoGame 3.2 and XNA 4.0 based game library that provides an engine to emulate old-school console and command prompt style graphics. One or more textures are used to represent the standard ascii character set. SadConsole allows you to create console instances which can be managed independently of each other. A console is made up of individual cells which can have a foreground, background, character, and a special effect applied to it.

Right now, SadConsole only targets the Windows platform using MonoGame and XNA 4.0. Eventually, the engine will be compiled for all of the platforms that MonoGame supports.


  • Create and manage multiple consoles
  • Consoles can be repositioned on the screen
  • Consoles can be of any size
  • Consoles support the concept of a view port. Bigger console, but only show a portion of it
  • Complete UI library written in the engine itself
    • Basic controls like buttons, scroll bars, lists and more
    • Popup modal and non-modal windows
    • All written in the engine itself
  • Multiple font texture support
    • Consoles can use any font anytime
    • Supports font textures that go past character 255
  • Optional Keyboard and Mouse handling
  • A Virtual Cursor is available to each console
  • Console data can be manipulated cell-by-cell
  • And more!
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