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{{library| name = rot.js |developer = [[Ondras] |status = Stable |licensing = BSD License |language = JavaScript |platforms = All |site = }}

JavaScript roguelike toolkit, slightly modelled after libtcod.

Features :

  • windowed or full screen console with true color support
  • support for custom character sets using bitmap fonts and colored tiles
  • Mersenne twister and Complementary Multiply With Carry random number generator
  • inbuilt support for dice (string parsing, rolling)
  • Bresenham line drawing toolkit
  • Perlin, Simplex and Wavelet noise generator
  • field of view toolkit with 5 different algorithms
  • image toolkit with support for rotation/stretching and subcell resolution blitting
  • support for turn by turn and real time games
  • mouse support
  • advanced configuration file parser
  • fast generic container with array/list/stack interfaces
  • bsp toolkit
  • heightmap toolkit
  • pathfinding toolkit (A* and Dijkstra)
  • compression toolkit
  • antialiased and unicode font support
  • custom/dynamic font characters mapping
  • PNG images support
  • customizable name generator with 20 predefined syllable sets
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