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{{game-alpha|name = Rogue Empire
|developer = [[German Wachnitz]]
|theme = [[Fantasy]]
|influences = Adom, ToMe, TCG's
|released = 2016 Apr 01
|updated = 2016 Jul 22 (Alpha V0.2)
|language = Unity, [[Csharp]]
|platforms = [[Windows]]
|licensing = [[Commercial]]
|interface = 2d Art, Mouse & Keyboard
|site =
|length = 10 minutes (Current prelude version)
== About ==
Rogue Empire is an upcoming Roguelike indie game.
The objective is to offer a high quality roguelike with hours of  replayability!
Rogue Empire will spawn a huge world, a growing number of races and classes to play, lots of secretes and a set of interesting new mechanics to try to bring fresh air to the genre.
== Features ==
Some of the distinct features you can expect from Rogue Empire:
+ A beautifully illustrated epic story involving an unbalanced world engaged by a mysterious shadowy force!
+ An innovative talent system that borrows concepts of TCG's (Trading Card Games)!
+ An ever continues growing number of races and classes to play with. Each with strong differences in gameplay. The initial release is planned to go out with 7 races and +10 classes!
+ Permadeath with a twist: Dying will provide you with valuable soul points, used to unlock perks and new gameplay options!
+ Exciting boss fights with fun and cool mechanics never seen in any classic Roguelikes before!
== Some Screen Shots ==
== Download ==
Contact us through our site to get the latest version. We plan to put a dedicated download link for the game prelude which will be free.
--[[User:Roguempire|Roguempire]] ([[User talk:Roguempire|talk]]) 21:58, 23 July 2016 (CEST)

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