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Various Roguelike developers and players are active on Twitter, including @dgrey0, @tametick, @epyoncf, @TanthieActual, @KawaiiDragoness, @Worthless_Bums, @thomas_biskup, @mossmouth, @smestorp, @randomnine, @dingir_bhaak, @magikmw, @UltimaRegum, @LouRinaldi,  @peculiargames, @keithburgun, @squidpony, @ZenoRogue, @JasonP_, @andrewdoull, @FTLgame, @GridSageGames, @RoguEmpireRPG, @FoumartGames
Various Roguelike developers and players are active on Twitter, including @dgrey0, @tametick, @epyoncf, @TanthieActual, @KawaiiDragoness, @Worthless_Bums, @thomas_biskup, @mossmouth, @smestorp, @randomnine, @dingir_bhaak, @magikmw, @UltimaRegum, @LouRinaldi,  @peculiargames, @keithburgun, @squidpony, @ZenoRogue, @JasonP_, @andrewdoull, @FTLgame, @GridSageGames, @RoguEmpireRPG, @FoumartGames
== Spammers aboard? ==
Hey Admins, please have a closer look at the new accounts of the last days. At least the sheer number of those newly registrated in short timeframe and also their namegivings remind me automated spam methods. Well, I've got no proof but it's suspicious indeed. -- [[User:Gus Van|Gus Van]] ([[User talk:Gus Van|talk]]) 20:10, 12 September 2018 (CEST)
:We gets lots of spambots registering accounts, but we don't take action unless they make a spam edit. Almost all spam edits get caught by a filter which was set up some years ago, so there's not actually much that admins need to do here.-[[User:Muscles|Muscles]] ([[User talk:Muscles|talk]]) 06:23, 13 September 2018 (CEST)
::Thank you for blowing the bugle of all-clear. ;-) If it's really harmless so much better continuing useful doings. -- [[User:Gus Van|Gus Van]] ([[User talk:Gus Van|talk]]) 18:25, 13 September 2018 (CEST)
:::The recent changes page can look scary but do not let that bother you. So far things are under control. Kinda late but welcome to RogueBasin! <b><i>[[User:Ancient|–Michał Bieliński]]<sup>[[User_talk:Ancient|Talk]]</sup></i></b> 23:06, 15 September 2018 (CEST)

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[edit] Community portal

Welcome to the community portal. This is the place to find out what is happening on RogueBasin. Learn what tasks need to be done and what groups there are to join, and share news about recent events or current activities taking place.

[edit] Help out

If you'd like to contribute to RogueBasin, simply create an account and log in. Feel very free to edit! We especially need more information added to the games pages and the lists - if you're a developer, consider updating your game's page, and making sure that it (and you) are included in the relevant lists.

If you're an experienced developer, consider writing articles about creating Roguelikes. There are many people new to Roguelike development, and they often need help. It's especially helpful to write articles about problems you have experienced yourself. Also you can add your name to the RGRD Wiki Project (directly, or by posting a message on rgrd saying how you want to participate). If someone sees a relevant post by you, they'll upload it to this wiki as an article.

[edit] Collaboration

To improve the quality of articles that are short or lacking in detail, RogueBasin community organizes collaborations to expand articles.

  • No collaborations are currently active

[edit] Guidelines, Help and Resources

Check out Help:Contents if you need some guidelines for your contribution.

[edit] Discussion

The preferred discussion channel for everything related to RogueBasin are its Forums at Temple of The Roguelike.

There is also an IRC channel for live discussion at #rgrd.

Various Roguelike developers and players are active on Twitter, including @dgrey0, @tametick, @epyoncf, @TanthieActual, @KawaiiDragoness, @Worthless_Bums, @thomas_biskup, @mossmouth, @smestorp, @randomnine, @dingir_bhaak, @magikmw, @UltimaRegum, @LouRinaldi, @peculiargames, @keithburgun, @squidpony, @ZenoRogue, @JasonP_, @andrewdoull, @FTLgame, @GridSageGames, @RoguEmpireRPG, @FoumartGames

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