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The roguebasin is a wiki which seeks to become the main depot of all information regarding roguelikes, including a collection of the existing projects and games, an encyclopedia of genre-related topics, a directory of developers and a collection of development tips.

The RogueBasin thus seeks to be an up to date and complete repository of all information regarding the roguelike subgenre, fuelled by the cooperative efforts of all roguelike developers and players around the globe.


The wiki was conceptuallized and setup initially by Slash, back to January 26 2005. It inmediately caught the attention of the roguelike community, which for a long time was in need of a place to store all the empiric knowledge, history and current status of the genre.

The initial version of RogueBasin was hosted in the wiki service; however after about one month of use and some blackouts, the site proved to be very unstable for the needs of the wiki concept and it was decided that the wiki had to move.

Several alternatives were under study, but it was with the help of DarkGod and Pav that RogueBasin found a second home at, where it resided until August 2006 surviving several spambot raids and growing on content.

Afterwards, due to some administrative factors it was decided that roguebasin had to move again so a caring administrative crew would stand for it; in August 2 2006 the wiki was moved to, this was possible because of the joint efforts of Bj?¶rn Bergstr?¶m and DarkGod.

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