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Rift Wizard
Beta Project
Developer Dylan White
Theme Fantasy
Influences DCSS, Tales of Maj'Eyal
Released July 6, 2020
Updated November 25, 2020 (EA update 2)
Licensing Commercial
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows
Interface Graphical tiles, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length ~2 hours
Official site of Rift Wizard

Rift Wizard is a short form, strategic, spell casting focused roguelike.

It is a traditional, turn-based, grid-based roguelike drawing influences mainly from DCSS and Tales of Maj'Eyal, as well as modern roguelites.


  • Huge library of unique and interesting spells to cast
  • Extreme character customization
  • Mechanically diverse monsters
  • Non stop epic wizard battles
  • Extremely finite resources and permadeath
  • Full mouse and keyboard support
  • Crisp 90s crpg style sound and graphics





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