Remnant Core

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Remnant Core
Talkie-Talkie Project
Developer GraveCat
Theme Sci-fi, Horror
P. Language
Platforms Windows, Linux
Game Length
Official site of Remnant Core

Remnant Core is currently in pre-alpha development, and is not yet available to the public. A list of features currently implemented include:

Closed-source development, but will be available for both Windows and Linux (ELF binary), with Mac OS X support somewhere down the line.
Gritty sci-fi/horror theme, based in a crumbling, ruined mega-city of the future infested with all manner of nightmarish abominations. A blend of melee and ranged combat, including weapons that can fire in any conceivable direction (not merely limited to the eight cardinal directions.)
Underneath your gear, you're still just human: Heavily gear-focused gameplay which eschews classes and levels entirely.
Risk vs. reward: If you're using a weapon that far outclasses your skill, it could miss, jam, or even explode in your face.
Fully integrated time and dynamic weather system, which directly affects the challenges the hero will face.
"Intelligent" monsters that seek out the quickest route to the player, rather than going for the direct approach.
Bullet and beam mechanics: Bullets ricochet off walls, explosives blow holes in the terrain, and laser beams cut through several foes at once.

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