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(Chrome os info)
(Chrome os info)
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|licensing = [[Licensing#Open_source|open source]], [[freeware]]
|licensing = [[Licensing#Open_source|open source]], [[freeware]]
|language = [[Java]]
|language = [[Java]]
|platforms = [[Android]]
|platforms = [[Android]],[[Chrome Os]]
|interface = pixel-art graphics, simple animation, touch interface
|interface = pixel-art graphics, simple animation, touch interface
|length = short
|length = short

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Remixed Pixel Dungeon
Stable game
Developer NYRDS
Theme Fantasy
Influences Pixel Dungeon
Released Dec 28, 2014 (1.7.2a-rus)
Updated Feb 21, 2016 (remix.21.5)
Licensing open source, freeware
P. Language Java
Platforms Android,Chrome Os
Interface pixel-art graphics, simple animation, touch interface
Game Length short
Official site of Remixed Pixel Dungeon

Remixed Pixel Dungeon is a coffeebreak roguelike

Remixed Pixel Dungeon is pixel-art roguelike game for android (Remixed Pixel Dungeon at Google Play) and Chrome Os ( Remixed Pixel Dungeon at Chrome Web Store ).

It's based on a classic idea of dungeon crawling. The player takes role of hero class of their choice to dwell in the depths of a randomly generated dungeon. Each 5 levels player must defeat a boss in order to progress, until reaching the game's goal at the deepest level.

The project started as translation of Pixel Dungeon to Russian, but eventually started to evolve on it's own. The game is being updated on regular basis, featuring new content patches every 1-3 weeks. It's strongly driven by community feedback and developed several ideas based on community suggestions.


At this point version remix.21.4 features several differences, compared to original:

  • Multi language support
  • New (fifth) hero class: Elf
  • New dungeon type: Spider Nest. Features set of thematic monsters and new boss.
  • 20+ new items, including new weapon types: Bows and arrows
  • 10+ new monsters including elementals
  • New item interactions:
    • Fire an toxic gas can affect more items.
    • Seeds can be eaten
    • Potions can be used to give additional effect to weapons.
  • New NPC
  • Difficulty settings and save/load function
  • Support of community created mods (players are able to create custom texture packs for existing objects and change their descriptions, it's also possible to create custom level layout)


Currently it localized (more or less successfully) to:

  • English
  • Russian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • Korean
  • Brazilian Portuguese

More localizations in progress at Transifex

Source Code

Source code for Remixed Pixel Dungeon can be found at Github.

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