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Stable game
Developer Dommillar, Asads2012, LogicalInsanity, mrcardor
Theme Really really really simple
Released 2012 (?)
Updated May 03 2013 (0.3.0)
Licensing Ms-RL
P. Language c#
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII
Game Length Less than five minutes
Official site of RRRSRoguelike

RRRSAncientBlade is a coffeebreak roguelike

Beta Project
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RRRSRoguelike is a Roguelike game that has a really simple goal - pickup a sword and kill the monster(s). Of course if you don't pickup the sword you can guess what happens.

Released v0.5 for ARRP2012. Entered for the ARRP2013.

Currently renamed RRRSAncientBlade.

RRRSRoguelike is opensource and hosted at codeplex It's written in c# to target the .Net framework and currently only works on Windows. This project is looking for interested individuals to join and contribute in anyway they like.


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