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GREEKIE is the name of a project that seeks to build the design doc and then develop a game based in the greek mythology. It is being developed by a group of individuals from all around the world.

The first version of the design doc was made by Ethaniel, Meldokios and Slash; then the first bounce took place, where the doc was sent via email amogst the bouncers team, and each one made additions and corrections to it.

After the first round finished the scene was pretty calm, until the document was put together in a website by Slash, together with a new development dynamic and a discussion forum; however people didn't participate directly on this phase, with the exception of R Dan Henry suggestions and some minor comments.

Finally, Slash put it into a wiki and created a new forum for it, however there hasn't been a lot of activity over it lately.

The project is currently open to development, with a wiki on which changes can be made to the official doc and a forum to discuss ideas. The website is at:

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