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{{angband-variant-beta | name = PosBand
{{angband-variant-alpha | name = PosBand
| developer = Alexander Ulyanov
| developer = Alexander Ulyanov
| parent = [[Angband]] 3.0.3
| parent = [[Angband]] 3.0.3

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Angband Variant
Developer Alexander Ulyanov
Based on Angband 3.0.3
Theme Fantasy
Released 0.1.0 6th March 2004
Updated 0.9.9A1, on 23rd January 2006
Download Official, Mirror

Official site

PosBand is an Angband variant which allows you to posess monsters.

It should be noted that version 3 is more stable than version 9, though the latter has more features.


See also XAngband where the 'snatcher' class advances by possessing more powerful monsters.

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