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[[Category:Roguelike games]]

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Pathos is a dungeon adventure game with the soul of Nethack.


[edit] Description

Pathos is based on the mechanics from Nethack. Pathos has a touch-first UX and works great on a tablet and phones. Also supports keyboard and mouse on the PC version. The design has focused on making a complex game that feels fun and fast to play. Pathos is free to play on iOS, Android and Windows and built simply for the love of game.


  • designed for tablets & phones in landscape or portrait mode
  • choose from absurd, classic and geoduck tiles
  • auto save on change level
  • resurrect and continue for that little bit of closure
  • canned and custom characters
  • dungeon adventure & overland quest
  • revenant levels (aka ghost levels)
  • ride your steed into battle
  • 200+ extra monsters from Slash'em
  • comprehensive help on all items, entities, traps and classes
  • global and personal hall of fame (top 20)
  • turn-based and real-time modes
  • French, Korean, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) & Russian language translations
  • updated frequently

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