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|platforms = [[Windows]]
|platforms = [[Windows]]
|licensing = Freeware, Open Source (GPL)
|licensing = Freeware, Open Source (GPL)
|interface = [[ASCII]], [[Graphical Tiles]]
|interface = [[ASCII]], [[Graphical tiles]]
|site =
|site =

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Developer Icey
Theme High fantasy
Influences None
Status Beta 0.1.5
Released August 2, 2005
Updated February 7, 2006
Licensing Freeware, Open Source (GPL)
P. Language Visual Basic 6
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Graphical tiles
Game Length {{{length}}}
Official site of Paprika

Paprika is a single-player fantasy roguelike in the beta stage. The main features are implemented to different degress of completeness, but many of the major features (such as magic and relegions) are not written in yet.

Screenshots and the latest version (which also contains the change log and todo list) can be downloaded from the official Paprika site.

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